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Windows Hosting in India

W i n d o w s   H o s t i n g

Providing hosting service in India for the past four years, we have earned a name for ourselves in the field of Windows Hosting. While web hosting in India, we provide Windows 2000 Server, which is perfect for workgroup file, print, and communication servers. Windows hosting is popular owing to the powerful end-to-end management, reliability, and scalability features that provide the best foundation for integrating your business with the Internet.

When you avail our hosting service in India, you get the best deal in Windows Hosting. We provide cheap and reliable web hosting in India. As per Microsoft, the Windows 2000 Server Family is the most reliable set of server operating systems that it has ever produced. Windows 2000 Server provide increasing levels of system availability, thus, Windows hosting would mean that the operating system readily supports high-traffic Web sites, high-volume transaction processing, and many other demanding applications.


Owing to the improvements in Windows 2000 has made it a more stable platform and quite a bit more secure than Windows NT. Windows 2000 Server is always Internet ready, for Integrated Web and Application Services. Windows 2000 Hosting provides the technologies required to let your Internet applications grow without limitations. Windows 2000 Server allows the most demanding high-end applications to use more computer memory. It is noteworthy that Windows 2000 Server supports four simultaneous processors.

Windows 2000 provides end-to-end security it helps companies to enhance their security and address new ways of using information. Windows Hosting offers complete access control and data protection. Hosting on Windows 2000 Server is secure. The Server provides comprehensive, standards-based security services, including flexible authentication, data encryption, flexible and secure network access, protection of virtual private networks (VPNs) using core Internet standards such as IP Security (IPSec), secure transaction processing, and security extensions for the development platform such as the CryptoAPI.

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